privacy policy


We are very serious about all things fashion but we never, ever, take privacy lightly either. That’s why you can rest assured that all your private information will remain private when you’re shopping on our website, including:

1. All identity information provided during the registration process.
2. All order details and purchase histories.
3. All payment information and credit cards on file.
4. All delivery information and general contact details.

We keep this data only to process your orders and to serve your requests in general. We guarantee that we do not give or share such information to any third party unless it is necessary in the fulfilling of your request/purchase; such as but not limited to, providing your address to a shipping or delivery company or submitting your information to a banking institution to get approval for your transaction. However, please be note that if we are requested by any regulatory or government authority investigating any suspected activity to provide your personal details and/or user information, we will be entitled to do so.


We always want to create the best experience possible on our site, which is why we use cookies to track:

1. How frequently a client visits our site
2. What preferences they have opted for on our site
3. What are the items in their dressing room
4. What are the items in their shopping cart
5. Some historical purchases and recommendations.
6. What Software versions they are using for compatibility requirements.

In case you prefer not to be tracked by cookies, you can disable them through your web browser with a simple click. It’s that easy!

And to those avid online shoppers looking for extra reassurance, our whole operation has been setup through advanced and up-to-date companies that provide the maximum safety possible for the client information being stored or relayed through the internet. The highest and best protocols are adhered to, such as:

1. Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption
2. Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI) compliance

The SSL and PCI technologies will make sure that your credit card details are super safe when used on our website. This is standard, best practice technology that encrypts your information when sending it over the internet.

You can make sure of this by looking for the padlock symbol at the top of the browser next to the address bar when you are checking out and paying for your order. Upon checkout and payment, the address bar says https:// instead of http:// only. The extra “s” stands for secure (the s for stylish is there too but it’s silent)

Finally, although every effort is taken to protect our clients, Al-Ostoura cannot guarantee nor accept any liability for any of the information the client submits to us. All clients decide to give information based on their own volition and risk and hereby consent that their acceptance of all our terms, conditions and policies is an intrinsic and uncontestable part of their use of our website.

If you require further information regarding our Privacy Policy, please don’t hesitate to send us your questions to:

Note: This Privacy Policy does not apply to websites belonging to other companies on which Al-Ostoura might advertise nor can Al-Ostoura be held responsible for the privacy of any information that is submitted by a client outside the Al-Ostoura website.


Al-Ostoura International Company for General Trading and Contracting w.l.l.’s (“Al-Ostoura”, “we”, “us”) website(s) (our “website” “site” or “sites”) and related services are made available to you pursuant to the following Terms and Conditions which include all other rules under any header published on our website, and which collectively make up our binding Terms of Use & Service (“TOS”). Clients (“you” “your”, “their”) using our website inherently accept our Terms of Use & Service when choosing to browse and interact with our website.

We may modify our terms and conditions at any time, so while shopping make sure to pop by and read these terms regularly.

1. Rudimentary Conditions and Limitations of Liability:

1. Using our website does not grant you any rights to any of the content available on our website such as copyrights, trademarks, designs, graphics, photographs, sounds, music, video, audio and text. These items of content are property of Al-Ostoura or the third parties with whom Al-Ostoura is cooperating for the mutual benefit of this bona fide ecommerce website. Therefore, any use of the above intellectual property is strictly prohibited and punishable to the fullest extent permitted by law.
2. Our website is for personal use only and may not be commercialized by duplicating any part of it, linking to it or referencing it without explicit written authorization by Al-Ostoura.
3. Al-Ostoura’s relationship with its customers is one of merchant and client and no other representation is to be promoted or implied by you.
4. Al-Ostoura reserves the right to deny your access to its site should we feel that you are not abiding by our Terms of Use and Service (TOS).
5. Al-Ostoura does not guarantee that there will not be any access delays or interruptions of its website service; furthermore, Al-Ostoura shall not be held liable in anyway whatsoever for such delays or interruptions.
6. Al-Ostoura does not guarantee that its site is error free from either content or function ability issues, nor does it guarantee that the site is free from viruses, system failure or malfunction or any other possibly harmful elements. You are responsible to make sure that your computer is setup to use all preventative measures available to personal computer users.
7. Al-Ostoura will represent the items that it is selling to the best of its ability, however, no misrepresentation or misunderstanding is to be construed as to have fraudulent intent. Representation of products is subject to hardware and software constraints of compatibility which may lead to such occurrences for which it is pre-agreed that returns or refunds will be the maximum possible resolution.
8. Al-Ostoura does not guarantee, support, condone or endorse any third party services or products that have hyperlinks on our website nor are we liable for any loss incurred as a result of a customer choosing to visit these hyperlinks. Customers choose to visit these third party sites on their own responsibility.
9. Al-Ostoura has the right to compensation should your use of the website be abusive to its function, operability, reputation and/or its client base whether it is as a result of an intended or unintended action.
10. Al-Ostoura reserves the right to revoke any right or privilege given to its Customers by these terms and conditions without notice so long as it is not a legal right per the laws of the State of Kuwait.
11. Further, to the fullest extent permitted by law, Al-Ostoura will not be liable for any direct, indirect, special, incidental, or consequential damages of any kind (including lost profits or opportunities) related to our website or its use by you regardless of the form of action whether in contract, tort (including negligence), or otherwise, even if we have been advised of the possibility of such damages.

2. Registration / Account Eligibility:

1. Customers must be living personas intending to purchase or use our service for personal consumption/use or for the gifting of other living personas. Purchases with the intent of re-sale are prohibited.
2. Customers must provide their real: name, address, phone number and email address and may not impersonate any other person or entity.
3. Customers must provide payment details, for which they are authorized to use including all relevant info necessary for our payment gateway to verify, validate, authorize and debit your account.
4. Customers are responsible for keeping their personal information up to date and Al-Ostoura is not responsible for any mistakes or losses incurred as a result of outdated or incorrect client information.
5. Customers below the age of 18, or any age considered to be not legally binding to transact in their country of residence, must get their parents to transact on their behalf with Al-Ostoura.

3. Orders & Purchases:

1. Orders are subject to acceptance and availability of merchandise as well as all conditions set forth in these Terms of Use and Service (TOS).
2. The email entitled “Acknowledgement of Order Receipt” does not constitute an order confirmation.
3. We reserve the right at our sole discretion not to accept your order in any the event such as, but not limited to, we are unable to get authorization for your payment, the item you ordered cannot be legally shipped to your country of delivery, the item purchased is no longer in stock or the remaining items do not meet your quality inspection before shipment or for any reason that Al-Ostoura deems that the transaction is not completely bona fide as per these Terms of Use and Service (TOS).
4. Only actual dispatch of your order constitutes a completion of contract transaction and thus the transaction will have been concluded in Kuwait.
5. Each order placed at any given time is treated as a new and separate order subject to all the conditions of the TOS.
6. Advance Payments to reserve merchandise that still has not arrived at our warehouse is not a guarantee that your reserved merchandise will become available and be shipped to you nor does it imply any further rights than any other normal purchase with Al-Ostoura.

4. Pricing, Price Adjustments & Fees:

1. Prices shown on the website are in Kuwaiti Dinar (KWD) with the possibility to purchase in Euros, British Pounds and US Dollars.
2. Prices are set in the base currency sometimes weeks in advance of merchandise availability and are subject to modification based on Manufacturer/Supplier Suggested Retail Prices as well as currency fluctuations at any time; however, any orders already placed by a client will be honored at the price at which the customer placed the order.
3. All purchases are charged as Delivery Duty Paid (DDP) therefore the final purchase price will include shipping and import fees. Eventual, additional, local taxes, not related to custom import, such as State Tax, are not included and are the customer's responsibility
4. If you are a customer, whose payment method is based on a different currency than the currency in which you have made your purchase, your final price will be affected by your financial institution at the exchange rate and commission that is charged by them and for which Al-Ostoura is not responsible.
5. We are pleased to offer a sale price adjustment on any items purchased within 7 days prior to the commencement of a sale. Please note that the item must be for sale in the same style, same color and same size to qualify. There is no adjustment for items that are marked down further and the adjustment will be given as a credit to your Al-Ostoura account, valid for up to 12 months.
6. Items purchased in a sale or any special promotions are not eligible for further price adjustments in case the same item becomes marked down further.

5. Payments:

1. Payments can be made by Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, American Express, PayPal and Knet Debit Card in the Gulf Region
2. In case your credit card issuer does not authorize your transaction, we will not be able to prepare your goods for shipment thus incurring delays for which we will not be responsible for.
3. Payments will be debited from your account upon dispatch of your order by Al-Ostoura.
4. Our website uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Technology to safeguard your personal information when processing payments which is the best practice and standard in the industry. However, we are neither responsible nor liable for any third party unauthorized use of your personal information or payment method.

8. Final Conditions:

1. The above terms and conditions constitute a whole and at no point are they to be segmented and viewed in parts. Should you break any of the above conditions, Al-Ostoura reserves the right to act in its interest by taking the necessary action that it deems appropriate within the time frame of its choosing. No delay in action on behalf of Al-Ostoura shall constitute our consent on any violation of these conditions.
2. Any issue not addressed in these terms & conditions but referred to in our website under “Privacy Policy” or our “Frequently Asked Questions” shall be relevant to these terms and conditions and construed as a part of the agreement with the client.
3. In the case of any dispute, the customer and Al-Ostoura agree that the laws of the State of Kuwait shall constitute the total, exclusive applicable law to be used and no other country than Kuwait shall have jurisdiction over any part of Al-Ostoura’s relationship with the customer.
4. Al-Ostoura does not claim nor guarantee that the claims, terms and conditions within this TOS, are representative of the laws pertaining to the customer’s country of residence nor will these laws have any relevance on any use of our website or order placed with us. Users who choose to enter our website from locations where our website contents are illegal do so at their own risk, and are solely responsible for any resulting breach with respect to their relative local laws.
5. Al-Ostoura is neither responsible nor liable towards any government for any of their residents who use our website illegally or for any duties or tax on shipments shipped. 6. Once you start to browse our website, it is acknowledged and understood that you are there on your own volition and agree to all the above Terms of Use & Service including our policies and procedures.